Regardless, @ifttt is an excellent example of the massive transformation I started calling #ProgrammableIT

Played with @ifttt last 2 weeks to aggregate social network updates on my blog. Found at least 10 things they could improve/offer as premium

If email is dead, why so many new email products?

For years we’ve been hearing that email is circling the drain. Too much noise. Too much spam. Too distracting. Young people text. Blah blah blah….

RT @gigaom: If email is dead, why so many new email products?… < Yet, new tools insist on wrong approach @gigabarb

Most unexpected thing of the year: being nominated for the 2015 OpenStack Board Election –

RT @elonmusk: SpaceX is still in the early stages of developing advanced micro-satellites operating in large formations. Announcement in 2 to 3 months.